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2021 RI - EOA Student Survey


Your opinion matters.

We are conducting an Educational Opportunity Audit in partnership with the XQ Institute to examine how effective we are in preparing you and your classmates to be ready for career and college when they graduate.

As part of the audit, we need to know what you think about…

  • access to courses that prepare you for college and career,
  • expectations you have for yourself and that adults at your school have for you,
  • how challenging your classes are,  
  • strategies you use to stay on track or get back on track when you struggle, and
  • supports the school has provided to help you meet your goals beyond high school.

Given the major disruption many schools have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, please consider the past two years as you respond to each question. If you have not been at the school for two years, respond based on your experience for the time you have been there.

We are going to combine your opinions with ideas from parents and teachers and with data from student transcripts to get a better understanding of the school. Then we have plans to dig deeper and get at the root causes of any concerns that arise from our initial analysis. This analysis will support the improvement of your school.

Let's get started . . .